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The Inter Services Regional Gliding Competition held at Bannerdown Gliding Club from Keevil Airfield was host from 5th – 12th August 2023. Pilots and Crew from the Army Gliding Club (Wyvern) took part as selected pilots in the Army Team and as individuals in civilian positions.

The week consisted of variable conditions which made the week very challenging. The pilots were split into 2 classes, those with a handicap of over 100 – Waco Class, handicap 99 and below – Horsa Class. Waco Class consisted of Tim Clark and Paul Wright as part of Team Army, Paul Jessop as part of the Navy and Team CTO as an individual civilian entry. Horsa consisted of Danny Richmond, Daniel Palmer and Bob Pye as part of Team Army and Jonathon Jones as an individual civilian entry.

Final positions are detailed below, but the overall scores meant that Team Army took home the ISRGC trophy for a second year in a row! Well done, we look forward to next year!

Waco Class:

Tim Clark3rd
Paul Wright9th
Paul Jessop9th
Team CTO13th

Horsa Class:

Danny Richmond6th
Jonathon Jones8th
Daniel Palmer10th
Bob Pye17th