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Visiting Upavon

When you arrive at the airfield the barrier will probably be down. Go to the camp traffic control point (on the other side of the road, they will direct you to the Guard Room where, as a Wyvern visitor you will be able to get a temporary vehicle pass for the airfield. Please phone our control point (07780 292402) and we will send someone over to help you if necessary.

Depending upon the wind direction we may be launching from either the Western or Eastern end of the airfield. Once on the airfield, if you see our mobile control point, park at the Car Park Area East. Before crossing the active landing area to the control point, please look very carefully and wait for any aircraft approaching from the left. Walk behind any stationary aircraft, as they may be launching.

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If you see our winches as you enter the airfield, then we are launching from the Western end. We share the airfield with 622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) whose winch may also be launching gliders.

Pay careful attention to where the cables are dropping and be aware that when launching a glider, the winch driver
will be concentrating on the aircraft and the cable not the surrounding area.

Under no circumstances move in front of any of the winches (i.e. not on the grass), follow the perimeter track behind them. Drive past the Gliding Hub, to park in theCar Park Area West. Then making sure the Approach West is clear of any aircraft, walk over to the bus.